Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just saying hi. I couldn't sleep so I decided to actually do something rather than toss and turn. I may regret that tomorrow but oh well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying their weekend.

Thanks so much for the comments about the online photo sites and stories about the page protectors. I feel much less stressed since I can start putting the album together instead of having everything out and about. Slowly I am finding a system that works to take my photos, edit them and print them quickly. I am thrilled that I decided to do this since I know I am taking the time to take photos that I wouldn't normally take!

Well that's it for now...I plan on working on a few projects right now...hope to share soon!

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Veronica said...

Usually when I get to the point of "tossing & turning" it is already time for me to get up! LOL Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and Colin ate well. I am glad all is working out for you and your photos! Look forward to seeing them. Now, back to getting caught up with mine. {sigh} ;-)