Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Only about a month to go....

Till Colin gets to hang out with all of his Disney buddies on the big boat. To say he is excited is a major understatement. Poor kid, he keeps asking, "they are going to make me waffles right?" For those of you who are new here, Colin has multiple food allergies and an Eosinophilic disorder. Basically that means he has a few allergies that are like the regular ones you hear about in the news, milk and eggs, that are life threatening. He has a much larger list of allergies that while they aren't life threatening, cause severe discomfort, skin issues and damage in his gut. A lot of kids who have this disorder are unable to eat food at all and are fed through a G Tube in their tummy. We were able to avoid that step since we were able to find the foods that cause the damage and remove them from his diet. Needless to say, we eat a lot of chicken in our house, lol! But this is the reason that Colin has been taken to Disney so many times in his short life already. They are FANTASTIC at managing his allergies and for one week a year, our family feels a little more like everyone else. So we go in the off season, bring our umbrellas and cross our fingers for good weather. But the weather doesn't really matter because it really is all about the waffles :)

Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzil. Pattern Paper: SEI. Buttons, Photo Corners, Turns and Brads: American Crafts. Letters, Journaling Cards: Reminisce. Other: Ribbon, Trim.

So we are starting to think about what we need for this trip, getting all of our forms and passports together and trying to figure out what we will do for food when we are not on the ship. It takes a lot of planning to travel with Colin but it's totally worth it and we are extremely appreciative that we even have the option to travel. So I am trying to get photos scrapped from previous vacations before getting a ton more photos to scrapbook. We will see how I do. I did a major purge of the 2000 photos on my hard drive, (remind to back those up). I think I'm done to 1800 but that is still a ton of photos that need to be scrapped. I'm thinking photo albums are in my future, lol!


Veronica said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jo Jo and Goliath and the Little Einsteins! I was so happy I got to see them the first time they appeared on the Disney Channel!! They were real New then! I sooooo want to go back. Tell Colin to eat some waffles for me! {that's if he's willing to share ;-) }

ellen s. said...

JO JO! we love him in our house! WTG go on purging is so hard!