Sunday, April 5, 2009

I stamp this weekend productive!

Even though I didn't do a ton of scrapping, I did a lot of things in preparation to scrap. I cleaned my room, I edited photos, I organized files and resized LO's. I also gave into the whole Twitter thing, got my driver's license renewed, my car inspected and my laundry done. I even did a little bit of shopping. Hopefully, now I will be ready for the busy week ahead of me.

Colin let me take photos of him yesterday before he left. He was excited to pose with his book bag and I even almost got eye contact. I'm glad he's home, I sure missed the little guy.

Here's a card that I completed when I asked Colin what he would say to his teacher on the first day of school. This is what he said...he just cracks me up!
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a happy Monday!


Veronica said...

Apparently "Time Out" must work for him if he doesn't want to be there?! LOL Love the card! ;-)

Chrispea said...

That's a cute card. What a clever idea.

Ethan ate the french toast sticks at Sonic. And the tator tots. When he was real little, he could basically just eat toast or we'd bring his soy milk and order dry cereal when we went out. Potatoes are OK... so he could have hash browns and a slice of ham at places like Cracker Barrel. Now he can tolerate a bit of milk and eggs in baked stuff so he can eat pancakes now. It's so nice that he's outgrowing his allergies. (in answer to your question on my blog.)

Cassie said...

Kristin...Congrats on being a GCD Studios spotlight. I can't wait to see your stuff!

Tricia said...

That is such a cute card that I had to come out of stalking mode for just a moment and let you know I LOVE it! *Ü*

Lesli said...

Great card - love the red and black!