Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me!

Meet my new best friend. She doesn't say much but she is oh so pretty. I purchased the body today and ordered the lens online. So in a few days I hope to be up and running with this bad boy. I can't wait.


Chrispea said...

OOoo, have fun with her... I just adore mine. Sweet! So much to learn, but I'm lovin' it! I got the D40, cause I wanted 2 lenses! And I want a macro lens someday. Can't wait to see your pictures when you start snapping... it's quite addicting!

Matt said...

The glue is sticking and the popsicles are freezing! HEHE WOW!!!! It all looks so amazing since I saw it last honey! Check your email.

Lil-Rosi said...

WOW! I'm so jealous! :) I still have my Kodak EasyShare (remember we had the same camera!). I would love to get a new one! Congrats to you! :)