Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am sooooo gonna scrap tonight!

I need it and I need it bad. It's been a rough week to say the least and I could use the break. Even though I should spend the time finishing Christmas gifts, I'm looking forward to some me time. Even though I should get a good night's rest so I could get a family photo taken tomorrow. Gotta love the quicky one hour photo shops in the mall!

Who knows, I may still even send out Christmas cards this year! Since I have been thinking about cards I have been reflecting on this past year. I mean, I have to have something clever to say if I am going to send out a card. It's been two whole years since we took Colin to Cincinnati's Children's Hospital. It's been two years that we have known why he was so sick as a baby/toddler and almost two years that he has been HEALTHY! I think about this a lot in December since two years ago we flew to the hospital for a week for his evaluation. It was a crazy time for our family with work responsibilities and Christmas right around the corner. We hopped on a plane, spent the week there, and then came home to pick out a tree and start shopping for Christmas. I'll never forget running through Target on Christmas Eve at 9:59PM when they were locking the doors. They had a shopping cart that I knew Colin HAD to have and I was not going home without it.
I am so thankful for that crazy time and that week in Ohio. I just keep trying to remember that no matter how insane things get every once in awhile, this is a piece of cake compared to how things use to be.

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