Monday, November 3, 2008

1000's of photos...nothing to scrap!

Has that ever happened to you? I have tons of photos ready and waiting but they don't seem "good enough" to put on a page. Curse you photoshop! Now I want all of my photos edited. I've added sorting, editing and printing photos to my to do list. This is actually the longest I have gone without scrapbooking, (not counting vacation). I think it has been almost two weeks. In my defense, I have been swamped with work stuff, sewing costumes, and baking. I am glad this month is over until I realize that it is just about to gear up again straight into the holidays. I know that I will blink and it will be 2009...I just can't think about that right now.

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Veronica said...

Been there, done that! Okay, I'm STILL there! LOL Doesn't matter HOW much editing I do, there just doesn't seem to be ANY pictures!! Hope you get to scrappin soon! Can't wait to see your trip!