Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You know you are a PSU fan if...

1. When purchasing winter outerwear you make sure you have several selections in Blue and White.
2. You have hardcore winter clothing but you neither hunt or ski.
3. You realize before the game that you don't have a blue or white scarf so you make one.
4. You are willing to sit in a parking lot that has the audacity to call itself RT 322 for an additional 2 hours each way.
5. You willing get up early and stay up late as to avoid paying several hundred dollars a night for a hotel room.
6. You are willing to spend the several hundred dollars a night for said hotel room.
7. Instead of singing lullabies to your baby, you sing PSU fight songs.
8. It's on your bucket list to get a good picture of your children with the Nittany Lion.
9. When you or your wife are approximately 2 weeks late, you call PSU to sign said baby up for summer football camp.
10. You are willing to sit in the snow to watch a football game even though there are several warm bars that would be happy to serve you food AND beverages to keep you warm.
11. You stand in front of the warmers in the bathroom to attempt to defrost your feet to see if you can make it, just one more quarter.
12. You start brainwashing your child so that they know that options for college are, playing basketball or football for PSU.
13. You know how to finish this sentence...We Are...

Congrats Penn State on making it to the Rose Bowl. And if you could please keep Jo Pa in your prayers. He just had surgery after the game and all are hoping for a speedy recovery.

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Veronica said...

I don't think you're a FAN! ;-) Great post!! I'll say prayers for a speedy recovery!!