Sunday, July 6, 2008

RAK coming soon....

I've been working on reorganizing my scraproom so that it is a functional space to sew as well as scrap. I am a "need to see it" to remember to use it kind of scrapper and become easily overwhelmed with supplies even though I keep shopping to a minimum. I just need to keep a reasonable stash to be creative and not feel like I want to run out of this room as soon as I get in here. So with that being said I think it's time to do a giveaway. I subscribe to two kit clubs, the scraproom and the scarlet lime. I love them but always have a few things that I know that I may not use right away. And unfortunately if I don't think I'm going to use it very soon, I just can't manage to store it for a possible future LO. Anyway, typing this makes me feel more accountable to do this. I will purge the things that need a good home and try to make a coordinated "kit" so that they aren't just random things that end up getting passed on from your stash. So when I have this completed I'll post pictures and everyone can let me know who wants to be involved. I'll add all comments from this post and the actual giveaway post and draw a few winners from there.
In the mean time, here's another SOY LO to share. The ribbon goes over the end of the page but got cut off in the scan. Enjoy the LO and the rest of your weekend!


laura said...

Hi Kristen! I live here in Hanover! We are just a stones throw away from each other! Glad I stumbled upon you at CK! have a great nite!

laura said...

Hi Kristen! No I won't be at the Valley Forge event. I sell Longaberger and I have to go to a convention out in Ohio the same week. Believe it or not I have never been to a real crop! I know it is sad, but not ever. I am going to a class tonight down in Eldersburg, MD. Christmas card making. This store is one of my favorites. Have a good day. Hugs

AZAnjanette said...

Hi Kristen! I am new to reading your sucked in by your cute blog name 'glue and popsicle sticks'. Who doesn't love a RAK right?
Toss my name in the hat!

thank you for the great posts. I read all things that inspire my scrap!

Anjanette :)

emily said...

hey kristen!
i don't think i ever answered your question on my asked what i hang my layouts on?
i have this old, vintage board, that used to hang on my daughters wall (it's a light pink color). anyways, it's now in my scrap area, and i tied some string on it, and i use clothespins to hang my layouts from it. i liked the backdrop it gave them.
hope that helps!

lauracub said...

Hello Kristen, I am new also to reading people's blog. I just created my own a couple of days ago.Thank you for having this RAK. Do you sew on your lo or are your sewing cloths. I love to sew clothing haven't done that in along time. I miss it. Now I just do lo's with the machine. thanks again. Love the songs on your blog