Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wow, it's been awhile....

since I posted. This past week has just gone by so quickly. I have been busy working on some new projects for a tips and tricks class that I will be teaching at Bonnie's Place for Scrapbooking in York, PA. I am very honored for this opportunity to share with others the latest and greatest materials and a few options on how to use them. As soon as I narrow down a few more projects we will set a date. I will keep everyone posted on dates and times. It will be so much fun and I hope you can make it!

Here's one of my favorite layouts that I submitted for my HOF entry. The bottom corner is actually a transparency but we placed cardstock behind it for the scan. I will work on postings a few each day so keep checking back to see if they are all posted. I will also have lots of new pages that I will share in preparation for the new class.

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