Friday, June 4, 2010

Mickey and Minnie Bedroom

So I have committed to the Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme for Colin and the Baby's room. Since there are very few products that fit my Mouse theme that aren't too cutesy, I plan on using a general red, black and yellow color scheme. Lucky for me, the bedroom is already painted Mickey Yellow :-)

When we were in Disney I searched the Art Galleries for an inexpensive print that I could use in the room as a focal point. Of course the one that I loved was $6500...not exactly in the budget.

So I did a search online and found that Amazon has loads of movie posters for sale and I plan to buy a few and frame them. Here are a couple of the options.




Classic/Vintage Mickey and Minnie are my favorites and having any of these in that room would make me incredibly happy. It will be like my own personal Disney fix on a daily basis. I can't wait to start putting everything together.

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Veronica said...

Oh, love it! For my DD, I had the "Disney Babies!" Pale green were my walls. Didn't know WHAT I was having so it was pretty generic! Isn't it fun to decorate for kids??
Again, CONGRATS! So very Happy for you all!