Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hi Hope!

So do you want to hear the funniest thing ever?

Okay so it's maybe not the funniest but it's pretty close.

So Colin has a few routines in town and he pretty much does the same thing week after week. Every Wednesday my Mom and Sam pick him up from school and he hits up one of his local hangouts, McDonalds, Tumble Town, Burger King, etc. One of those hang outs is the Dollar Store. And upon entering this store he is greeted like Norm in Cheers. He walks in, the cashier says, "Hi Colin," and Colin says, "Hi Hope" and runs to the toy section!?

When he orders at McDonald's a young girl always puts his Chicken Selects in his Happy Meal bag and when he walks into Subway the staff change their gloves and wash their hands.

I guess it's kind of silly but it warms my heart that folks recognize him and go out of their way to make him feel special.

And it just makes me laugh when he asks if Hope worked at the Dollar Store when I was a kid :-)

It's much better than when he asks if they even had Dollar Stores when I was a know when the dinosaurs were around.

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Amy said...

what a cute story :)