Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At 39 Weeks....

Wishing I was in Disney so I could pick up a pack of these...
It's a sickness...I know.

Realizing that maybe it was a little unrealistic to think that I could go into labor on my own...I mean I can't get pregnant without help why would I think labor would be any different???

WALKED my insane son to school this morning. Mostly because I am a sucker and I did say if he got up early enough we could walk. Did I mention that it was raining? Oh and that I had to walk home to get my CAR so I could go to work. Colin was happy as a duck in our development, (yes we have loads of ducks, and goats and sometimes a horse but that's a whole other post) hoping and skipping to school this AM. Yep, I'm a sucker.

Oh and it was about a mile or so and I'm still not in labor. On Sunday I RAN hoping that would get things going, oh and did the elliptical and played football when I got home.

*sigh* I really could be pregnant for awhile longer, I just want to avoid the induction and the IV's and the laying in bed and the whole medical intervention to begin with.

Sad that I will miss Homecoming Weekend at PSU this year. If I had her by today we were still going to go up but I'm thinking that we missed the boat and it's probably a bit irresponsible to go so close to my due date if I haven't had her.

As of today Charlotte's crib sheet is done and her bumper is 98% finished. I just have to add the ties and work on the crib skirt. I think I will finish that tonight. I just need to pick up some additional fabric that we ordered and I will start her Minnie Mouse quilt.

Having another ultrasound today and a non stress test. Hopefully it will be my last one, I've only had like 15 this pregnancy. Seems a bit excessive but at least I know she is doing well in there.

Well, wish me luck and hopefully little miss Charlotte will decide to make her grand entrance sooner rather than later. :-)


Renee said...

Years ago when I was two weeks late with my first child my midwife told me to take castor oil just before bed. It would clean out the plumbing and the process of cleaning out the plumbing would bring on labor. I tried but couldn't get the stuff down. Luckily I went into labor soon after on my own. Good Luck!

Veronica said...

Mexican Food. That's it. Go have some! Then take that walk!
Let me know if it works. LOL
It has for some friends of mine!