Monday, July 5, 2010

Back from the Beach and Ready to Nest....

Colin had a great time and I didn't hate it.

I see that as pretty significant progress :-)

I know have the next few Mondays off to tackle some major projects in my home to get ready for this little one to arrive. I seriously only have about 15 weeks left of this pregnancy. Hopefully it will sink it soon that I am having a baby. Even though she kicks me ALL THE TIME I somehow forget that there is a little person in there.

So if anyone wants to organize Tupperware let me know since I have SEVERAL positions available. Positions are available in other departments as well...closets, toys and bedding.

It's going to be a long 15 weeks.


Veronica said...

Sign me up!! It's ALWAYS more fun to organize OTHER people's stuff than your own!
glad you got to take a "break" before the final countdown begins!!!

Amy said...

glad you enjoyed your beach weekend....sorry for my email....after I thought about it, i realized that duh, Colin can't eat out at all those places i mentioned.....oops! :)