Friday, February 26, 2010

Yeah...So I Guess I Need Help to Get Through My Day....


I ordered one of these today at lunch without really thinking that has caffeine in it.

I have been trying to be really good and avoid all of the things on the list that helps bake the healthiest baby possible.

So I have been EXHAUSTED!

It's amazing how long a caffeine buzz can last when you haven't had any for about 7 weeks.'s not so pretty.

But right now I am trying to take advantage of the little "buzz" that I have left to scrapbook.



Chrispea said...

Oh, I remember how tired I was the first few months. I gave up caffeine, too. Hope all is going well for ya!!

Veronica said...

A "little" every now and then will be okay! Sometimes you just GOTTA!! LOL
Here's to hoping you speed thru the 1st trimester! No pun intended. ;-)

Jamie said...

SO excited to hear your news. Miss you over at the new CKMB, stop in and say Hi once in awhile.

ms Givens said...

MMMMMmmmmm. I love McD's coffee.