Friday, June 26, 2009

So What Did I Do?

With my work at home day??? Well, the day started out like any other, I forgot something at home and needed to go home to get it. This time it was a cupcake for Colin for a birthday party at school. I forgot to bring one even though the Mom reminded me on Saturday that she was bringing them in. *sigh*

So I ran home, defrosted the cupcake and added frosting and sprinkles. (Gotta love make ahead and freeze recipes). On my way back to preschool, I called one of my best friends that I grew up with. Just out of the blue to say hi. I figured he would be at work or super busy with last minute wedding details so I was planning on leaving a message. He picks up and turns out he just had surgery on Saturday. So after dropping off the cupcake to an ever so patiently waiting toddler, I then headed to the hospital for a visit.

I then finished up some paperwork and stopped by work to drop it off. You know, since I was right there. I then proceeded to run errands and finish the day up by going to the grocery store. NOT my favorite thing to do by a long shot, lol!

So no scrapping for me on Monday and the rest of the week has been a bust as well. So to make up for it, I am treating myself to a midnight crop at Times to Remember tonight! I am planning on finishing every LO that I have started in the past few weeks and even though some I plan on submitting, I will save a few to share here.

That's it for an update right now but I will post some photos soon of what I am working on!

If you haven't checked it out yet head on over to the Collage Press Blog, to participate in a fun challenge. The challenge also includes a chance to win an awesome paper pack! Good Luck and I hope everyone gets a chance to play along!

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Chrispea said...

I used to do that, have premade cupcakes for parties for Ethan. He did outgrow the egg allergy as far as it is OK in baked goods. He can't eat a plate of scrambled eggs yet. Can't wait to see your scrappy schtuff!!! :D