Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So I finally did it.....

Well here we are...my first blog. It was a lot easier than I imagined. Hopefully as I continue to learn the ropes there will be new and exciting things to see. I'm currently working on my HOF entry for Creating Keepsakes. My goal for 2008 is to get published. I have been working very hard to get caught up with all of my photos. I'm up to May 2007. I've only taken maybe 5 or 6 hundred photos since then. No biggy. In some ways I'm glad that I have tons of great photos to scrap, at least I know that I will never loose my retreat away from it all. Thank God for my new scrapbook space. It's still a work in progress but it is getting there. Even so...it's fabulous!

On the allergy front, I have a meeting with our State Representative on Feb. 8th to discuss medically necessary elemental formula coverage. We were very fortunate that we were able to avoid this step but a lot of our EOS kiddos can't and cannot live or eat without it. Their families also cannot afford to pay for it. As of right now it is not a covered benefit for most insurance companies. Wish me luck in getting the word out. There are a lot of kiddos that need all the help that they can get right now.


Pamela said...

So...I was a social worker and a scrapbooker and I too have been working on my HOF stuff. Crazy. (I am no longer a social work, but a SAHM)

Kristy said...

Welcome to the blog world!! Your blog looks good so far!

Kristy (ckmb kbird77)